About Us

ATIF has been established for over 40 years and represents the interests of the Australian timber importing and wholesaling sector of the timber industry.  ATIF is responsible for coordinating the national and some state activities of timber importers and wholesalers, including identifying and progressing issues within the purview of the Federal Government, such as relevant policies and legislation, customs and boarder protection and trade matters.

ATIF is also involved in a range of other matters including generic marketing, research and innovation development, shipping, port services and industry advocacy.

The ATIF represents its timber importing and wholesaling sector on the Forest and Wood Products Council chaired by the Federal Minister for Agriculture.  It also represents the timber and wood-based product importing sector on various committees of Forest and Wood Products Australia and on a number of industry standards and other technical committees.

ATIF continues to protect and improve domestic market access for its members and their products and to work towards removing impediments to enhanced market access and competitiveness.